AI enabling human creativity

Nucleal’s vision is to guide and inspire the creatives who inspire the world, using technology to help them make daring yet confident decisions.


We’re a small team attacking a big problem, applying data in a novel way to disrupt a $60 billion industry. That alone is motivating enough, but we’re also driven by a common desire to make sense of the world through data. Whether applied to brands, political parties, sports teams, or even ourselves (!), we believe AI can uncover hidden truths and guide us humans to act upon them for the better.

Ed DeCaria


Matt Gross

Data Science

Katharine Pujol


Join Us

We’re actively looking for individuals who share our passion for “quantifying the unquantifiable” and who are ready to play leading roles in building our platform and products to help our customers get to critical insights, viable strategies, and inspiring messages faster than anyone thought possible. If that sounds like you, let’s talk!


Available Roles

Machine Learning Engineer
$100-150k | San Francisco, CA
Develop Nucleal’s proprietary ML algorithms and recommendation engine


Data Engineer 
$80-130k | San Francisco, CA
Develop Nucleal’s data connectors and infrastructure


UX/UI Designer (available soon)
$80-110k | San Francisco, CA
Design Nucleal’s end-to-end user experience and interface(s)


UX/UI Engineer (available soon)
$80-110k | San Francisco, CA
Develop Nucleal’s end-to-end interface(s) and visualizations


When going after an opportunity as big as this, it’s best not to go it alone. We have established strategic partnerships with leading AI-minded companies to set up Nucleal as a uniquely capable partner for brands and agencies to address today’s creative challenges.

Blackbelt: Nucleal is incubated out of Blackbelt’s offices in San Francisco, giving us an “insider view” of the challenges and opportunities for agencies to leverage AI in their pitches and project work. Blackbelt is both an early customer of Nucleal and our go-to-market partner for B2B and B2C brands.

End Cue: End Cue is not only an investor in Nucleal — its filmmaking inspires us to see what’s possible when bringing AI to the creative process. End Cue also assists on technology and data matters, as well as access to talent to keep Nucleal running lean.