Nucleal on Brand Strategy

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Better Decisions Arrive Faster Using AI Marketing Tools

How is AI helping drive better decisions, faster for marketing teams? 🔗 Read more here from Forbes about how companies, including Element Data, Selligent Marketing Cloud, and SetSchedule, are taking enormous volumes of data and structuring it in a way human marketers can make better, faster decisions during the day-to-day.

CMOs Redrawing Organization Structures Need To Focus On Strategy First

As marketing functions begin to extend throughout firms beyond just the designated marketing team, engaging employees from store clerks to IT specialists, CMOs are looking to redraw their organizational charts. 🔗 Read more here to learn about a framework that incorporates traits high-performing organizations like Nike, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, etc. have in common.

Human-Centered Brands

It is no secret that brands are adopting AI into their marketing approaches to reduce costs and become more efficient. Critics fear that this trend will lead to a world of sterile brands who lack competitive uniqueness.